We don't just listen. we analyse

We plan. We deliver.

At Stylus we listen to your requirement, break it down into workable strategies and create an exciting story to tell the world. It's just like writing script for a film. Your audience is bound to love what they see. Our qualified and experienced team works hard towards building your brand from a tiny seed into a fully grown tree. We are there with you on each stage working together on this step journey to success.
Be it Radio, be it Print, be it Outdoor, be it Digital or let it even be some Random Communication - We are Your Voice!

Carrymyad: We understand the complexities of booking classified and Classified Display advertisements in various Newspaper across India. The rates are based on Character, Word or Lines further there are different headings and various scheme. Sometimes designing the classified display advertisement is also a challenge. We have gathered all the query which we have received in last 20 years and has been addressed in our online tool www.carrymyad.com where you can book classified advertisement in any Indian Newspaper along with scheme. Everything is online and it just takes 3 steps to book the advertisement.

Rightmediaplan: You have the product and you want to reach to the desired audience. Media planner is charging handsome fees to plan your media as the information is widespread and it is constantly changing. Everyday newer opportunities are coming and it becomes difficult to get the desired return on investment. our tool rightmediaplan.com checks 36459 possibilities and gives you result which can give you best ROI. The tools generate 2 Best possible media plan within your budget and target audience and Plan 3 list all the qualifying media for your target audience. You can customise your plan accordingly. Generating 360 Degree plan is the main highlight of this tool. It gives media plan of Print, Radio & Digital.